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The complete description will be available soon for your Morgan Plus Four, Plus Six, Plus 8, 4/4, Aero8, Super 3, 3-Wheeler…  Contact us for more information.

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Definition of our suitcases:

  • Full leather in black or in a specific color to match your upholstery.
  • We can match with all original Morgan Cars leather references in our catalog. (Grain, Premium, Nappa hides)
  • Handles, corners, straps, and labels are also in leather.
  • All accessories are in nickel-plated metal.
  • For the interior of your luggage, we offer a choice of matching tartans. The main compartment has straps.

All our items are delivered with a protective cover, to ensure that they are well-preserved for many years.

Laurent Nay Maroquinerie” branding to identify them through time.

Handmade in Castels et Bezenac / Périgord – France.


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All items are made according to your requirements and expectations. That's why we don't keep any stock.
This is why delivery times are estimated between 33 – 77 days.


Our leather products deserve the utmost care, from the moment they leave our workshops in the Périgord, right into the boot of your car. That is why, we carry them in a cotton cover sourced in France for more transparency and responsibility.

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