Re-edition of luggage for the auxiliary seats - Porsche 911 / 912

Porsche 911 /912 – (F-Series, 1963 – 1973)

Since its beginnings, the PORSCHE brand has been associated with luxury and racing cars, a tradition that has spanned the ages.

After creating the 356, Porsche presented the very first 901 in 1963. It would be renamed the mythical 911 one year later. This model was available in different versions and engines: Coupé, Targa, 912 (with its 4-cylinder flat engine), from the 2-litre to the 2.7-litre Carrera until 1973. It was then replaced by the Model G. To this day, Porsche has maintained its status in the industry as a producer of supercars and unprecedented innovations in motor racing.

To this day, the Porsche 911 is still in production at the Stuttgart factory in Germany. What about you? Are you a Porsche enthusiast too?

To complete the range, Porsche developed a range of accessories. The options were varied: a sliding roof, a ski rack, and a range of luggage specifically adapted to this car.

What do we offer?

Today, in this re-edited Porsche 911 / 912 set of luggage under the space on the auxiliary seats in Pepita or in leather with the original codes and style .

Definition of the set of the auxiliary seats:

  • Set of 4 luggage
      • 2 bags.
      • 2 larges suitcases.
  • Finishing
    • Original Pepita canvas (houndstooth)
    • Full leather to match your upholstery.
      • We have all original Porsche leather references in our catalog. (Grain, Premium, Nappa hides). What is your reference?
  • All accessories are in nickel-plated metal.
  • For the interior of your luggage, we offer a black plain canvas.
  • All our items are delivered with a protective cover, to ensure that they are well-preserved for many years.
  • Laurent Nay Maroquinerie” branding to identify them through time.
  • Handmade in Castels et Bezenac / Périgord – France.


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Your leather products deserve the utmost care, from the moment they leave our workshops in the Périgord, right into the boot of your car. That is why, we carry them in a cotton cover sourced in France for more transparency and responsibility.

Product Details
Reference :

P911 or 912 -1119/PP or LTH: 1 larges soft suitcases and 2 bags fir the auxiliary seats
Info: Leather can be supplied by the customer (On request)